The Stables

Our Facilities

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Jamie trains from the village of Upper Lambourn which boasts world-class gallop facilities in the picturesque Berkshire downs.


The horses under Jamie’s management are housed in two locations at either end of the small picturesque village of Upper Lambourn. The Old Malthouse houses the 2 year-olds in a combination of adapted traditional stabling and unique indoor / outdoor stables that Jamie has constructed as a prototype to what may come in the future.

Half a mile away, the Updown Barn houses the older horses in a modern efficient building that creates an environment that is appealing to a horse's natural herd instinct. The priority in both yards is airflow and hygiene - the key to a horse's respiratory health.

Training Surfaces

The gallop facilities in Upper Lambourn are managed by Jockey Club Estates. Both Jamie’s yards benefit from their close proximity to The Mandown and Kingsdown gallops. In all, there are seven all-weather tracks differing in length, surface and gradient allowing us to tailor each horse’s work to perfectly match its objective.
Jockey Club

High Speed Treadmill

The treadmill has become an invaluable weapon in the yard’s arsenal of training aides. Its benefits are numerous, from fitness monitoring, to riderless recuperation. Jamie’s team continue to refine and develop techniques and systems using the latest equine research to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their use.  

Cold Water Therapy

Both yards house cold, salt-water therapy spas. The benefits of saline water, chilled to 2 degrees, are well known to athletes both human and equine. In the past, effective trainers would take their horses to the coast, we have brought a little bit of the seaside to Upper Lambourn.
“Racehorse owners can only truly enjoy the experience once they are clear and confident in the knowledge that their trainer is managing their investment as if it were his own”
"The Osborne ethos is to blend old-fashioned horsemanship & experience with a modern, innovative training regime using up-to-date technology to assist in achieving our goals"