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A New Year A New Website

2019, a New Year and a new website. Kindly designed and created by my stepson Tom Jones and homebred child Hubie Osborne at TJTJ Design. I am still in the process of negotiating the fee. Much will depend on how this site is received. If you don’t like it, please let me know, [email protected], if you like it please keep quiet.

2018 was a satisfactory year on the track, 47 domestic winners and 3 in Ireland was only just enough. I firmly predict and expect that in 2019 we will easily beat these totals.

2 year olds will play a major role this year, the new generation at the Old Malthouse are already impressing me. Don’t say you weren’t told.

While individual new owners are always welcome here, this year we are running three multiple horse funds. The shareholder risk is spread over all the horses within the fund, this guarantees plenty of action and vastly increases the probability of being involved in a very good two year old.

I have just launched a six horse fund that I couldn't resist calling ‘The Joy of Six’ although I will probably be outvoted on that one once all the shareholders are assembled. I retain a share in all the funds to align our interests. Our aim is to enjoy our racing, and to trade our stock shrewdly through the year taking advantage of the strong overseas demand for decent two year olds.

The total cost of the share is £70,000 + VAT. I am looking for five like-minded investors to join me. It’s a decent sized roll of the dice, but don’t panic, I have loaded them in our favour. Send me an email if you have an unallocated chunk in your 'high-risk/high-return, fun and excitement' pot for 2019.

TJTJ Design is open for business if anybody out there requires branding or a high-quality website designed and built. If and when you contact Tom ([email protected]), please mention my name as he may forget to invoice me when new business comes his way on the back of this beautiful, modern, world-wide web creation. Happy New Year.



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