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Welcoming Our Newest Recruit

It appears that our “latest news” page has contained a limited amount of latest news of late. This will now become a thing of the past as I have delegated the job to our newest recruit Olivia Johnston.

Olivia has joined the team as my Personal Assistant. Originally from Gloucestershire, Olivia for the past two years has been Yearling Manager then Sales Coordinator for Meg Levy at Bluewater Farm and Sales in Kentucky, a graduate of the Irish National Stud Course, she also spent three and a half years working in Australia on stud farms.

A trainer’s role is multifaceted and this trainer has at times lacked commitment to the aspects of his job that aren’t necessarily at the core. Olivia’s role will be to plug these gaps in our quest to continually improve the service to our client’s, Olivia will also control this website, our Facebook page and Instagram while I will still post my rubbish on twitter.

Deb Kelly continues to brilliantly run the office as she has done for the past 18 years and can be contacted on +44 148873139. The perennial Jimmy McCarthy is my trustee Assistant Trainer at the coal face and he absolutely does not want to be contacted by anybody. Olivia is more likely to be seen on the racecourse, at the sales and following me around reminding me of the things I may have forgotten. In the unlikely event that I do not answer my telephone, please contact either Deb in the office or Olivia on +447503620793.

I am very pleased to welcome Olivia to the team and I am looking forward to working with her through the next few years subject to her coping with me.



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