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Bo Derek Is Looking For Partners

Bo Derek and I have decided to resurrect ‘The Bo Derek Partnership’.

We are looking for eight people to join us in a 10 share partnership. We are aiming to buy a handful of horses at the upcoming Breeze Up Sales. The emphasis will be on an attempt to get a horse to Royal Ascot.

We do Royal Ascot Car Park Parties very well and this year Bo will be in attendance.  Obviously our partners will be included in all the jollities of the week. We are looking to raise a pot of £200,000 (plus VAT) to buy two or three 2 year olds. Our initial aim will be to get one of them to The Queen Mary, Albany, Windsor Castle, Norfolk, Coventry or Chesham at this year’s Royal Ascot Meeting.

Bo will own 10% as will I. The share will include purchase and training costs until the end of June 2019. Fees will be charged from 1st July only if we do not have prize money in our pot to pay their ongoing costs. Each horse will cost approximately £2000 + VAT per month to train. Therefore if we buy three 2 year olds, the ongoing cost will be 3 x £2000 / 10 = £600 per month (+ VAT). If we buy two 2 year olds, then the ongoing costs will be 2 x £2000 / 10 = £400 per month.

We will have a flexible exit policy. Hopefully we can increase the horses’ value through the year and trade at an advantageous time. The Breeze Up Sales have been a good source of Royal Ascot winning 2 year olds, we won The Windsor Castle with a colt named Irony bought just eight weeks before the race. We cannot guarantee to do this again, but we can guarantee a great time with Bo and me.

More good news is that John Corbett is filming in June and therefore will not be able to make the Royal meeting!

If you are interested in joining us, then please do get in touch!

Email me at: [email protected] for further details.


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